Italian wine bar in Paris

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Sparks is a speakeasy Italian wine bar in Paris, specializing in the best Italian wines. Situated in the 9th area of Paris, close to Montmartre and Pigalle, the bar is designed to offer wine lovers 2 different atmospheres.

wine bar in parisThe upstairs has a Belle Époque theme with multicolored Tiffany lamps, transparent spherical chandeliers and smoked mirrors. The downstairs is New York lounge with brick walls and a Chesterfield sofa.

Sparks wine bar in Paris serves delicious Italian antipasti – prosciutto di Parma, burrata, mozzarella di bufala, focaccia and a great selection of wines produced by well-known Tuscan and Sicilian vineyards. A perfect experience to share with friends and family or on a romantic night out!

For a romantic evening – order the traditional Italian aperitif Spritz. Spritz is a famous Venetian cocktail based on Prosecco a sparkling white wine. The tradition comes from when Venice was part of Austrian-Hungarian Empire. Austrian solders found Italian wine too strong and used to ask bars to add some soda water (“spritzen” in German). The recipe is very easy: ice cubes, a slice of orange, Aperol (that gives Spritz its intense orange color) and then Prosecco.

For a party venue: hire the bar for after work drinks or parties. If you have a theme like Belle Epoque in mind – Sparks italian wine bar is happy to be the venue to suit.

For a networking event, a video interview in a photogenic space, an area for a small art exhibition, a product presentation in a different environment… feel free to contact us for any of you professional events, we can make you an offer “à la carte”.

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